"David just gets it. It's a rare skill."

Anthony Von Mandl


"David's work and ideas help increase sales velocity and price. He adds to the ROI of your project."

Rob Macdonald
CEO, MacDonald Development Corporation

Motivating Your Market


Motivate more people more often.

We help organizations all over the world unearth the best version of themselves, and then talk to the right audiences in the right way.

Our process is based on a 12-week timeline, which we customize for each engagement.

Crucially, every workshop leverages our own database of 40,000+ surveys about contemporary human motivation.

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Custom Research

We can help inspire and motivate everyone you need to reach.

From our latest study of 40,000 surveys x 300 questions about what motivates people most, to our research on downsizing Baby Boomers repopulating urban centres, we have a substantial database than can be useful in many situations. We will create customized reports on your audience, help you understand what makes them do what they do, and provide you with deep insights around their values, wants, needs and expectations.

We also routinely design, launch and analyze custom surveys to learn more about a market, an audience, a strategy or a brand.

Our surveys and data analysis can stand alone, or be integrated into a workshop/presentation for your organization.

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