“It is amazing to partner with David on so many cool, creative,
and new ideas.”

Don Forsgren
President and CEO, Intracorp Projects Ltd.


The New Science of Mass Market Motivation

We surveyed 40,000 people across North America about what they need, want and expect out of life. The result is the Motivation Database.

The Motivation Database is an enormous data-pool that contains what people care about, or what they value most. We use this data to create a Valuegraphics Profile for any target market in any industry.

A Valuegraphics Profile tells you how your target market decides what products or services to buy, and what brands to believe in.

Our clients use this information to motivate more people more often.

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If you know the primary values your target market cares about most, you can create products, services and brands that will motivate them more often.

A Valuegraphics Profile replaces guesswork and intuition with science and data.

Internal teams are aligned, and external consultants have clarity.

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Better ROI
for Every

Our statistics show that a Valuegraphics Profile for your target market can increase the effectiveness of your budget by as much as 700%.

How? Our profiling tools identify target markets that agree on almost everything, across more than 300 social-science metrics.

Use valuegraphics to guide your decisions, and your product, service or brand will be more motivating than ever before.

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