“It is amazing to partner with David on so many cool, creative,
and new ideas.”

Don Forsgren
President and CEO, Intracorp Projects Ltd.

New Research

40,000 people told
us what motivates them.

Organizations can motivate more people more often if they design products, services, messages and brands based on what people value most.

So we asked 40,000 people what they value; what they want, need and expect out of life.

We discovered a better system to motivate more people more often than any system that’s come before.

Our new audience-profiling data is as much as 700% more accurate than the traditional demographic approaches used in boardrooms everywhere.

We help our clients focus on the most motivating values we share, the things that make us human.

Using this information as a baseline, we customize an approach to give each client the information and insight they need to outperform their peers.

For more information on our research, and how we can help your organization, please contact us.